For the fellow users of the free version of BreezingForms I am proud to announce that we back ported the Joomla!® 3.0 forms compatibility from the commercial into the free BreezingForms version 1.7.5 backport 1.

I am glad to see that Joomla!® 3.0 is broadly accepted amongst people quickly and therefore we hurried to bring users of the free version the ability to experience BreezingForms in the latest version of Joomla!® as well.

While there are already Joomla!® 3.0 versions of free from builders out there -- for example by form creators such as Proforms, there will be certainly updates for RSForm Pro, Chronoforms, Mailforms, Fabrik and many others soon.


Keep in mind that the free version of BreezingForms already contains many stunning features you usually don't find in free versions of a commercial extension.

Download the free version from here to start advanced form building in Joomla!® 3.0:

Please consider to get a subscription if you feel you want to use the latest version of BreezingForms 1.8 with true mobile support, Salesforce® and Dropbox® integration and our other Joomla!® extensions and responsive Joomla!® templates. It will keep us making new stuff and improvements that you and the community will benefit from.

If you are reluctant or want to take part differently, then just spread the word about the free version of BreezingForms and Crosstec.

Thank you!

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