Joomla!® 3.0 is out and this leads to changes that we developer have to consider when updating our templates and extensions.

The most dramatic change in template development for Joomla!® is the fact that it ships with bootstrap. Bootstrap is a great framework from Twitter that eases the paingives us the joy of modern template development.


Some template vendors prefer to use their own framework and now facing the problem to bring both frameworks together. Theoretically, you don't need to include bootstrap into your template, but as soon as any component, plugin or module requires it through


it will surely lead to collisions with your own css or css framework and the bootstrap.css, which is loaded if the above is called.

Because of this we decided to create our templates from ground up for Joomla!® 3.0, such that it still includes bootstrap and thus supporting upcoming extensions that will require bootstrap. As of today we are starting with CleanLogic, one of our most demanded template and over time, we will create Joomla!® 3.0 versions for our other existing ones (besides regular releases of new templates).

It will be interesting to see how template frameworks and template vendors such as Gantry, RocketTheme, YooTheme and Gavick will deal with the situation (usually, changes like these lead to loads of new innovations).

All in all, the decision to implement bootstrap and the JUI into Joomla!® might lead to a well defined development path for templates, which in the end is in the advantage for developers and users.

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