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Breezingforms and Community Builder 9 Jahre 4 Monate her #96764

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Hello everybody,

I have created two forms with breezingforms. Now I want to integrate these forms with Community Builder.
I have created the same fields in CB as in BF.
I can find all the fields in jos_comprofiler, but the password/password_repeat is a problem. If I register in live preview, it gives me the thank you page at the end, but no registration in CB, only in the records from Breezingforms.

I want visitors from my website to register through breezingforms and than create a profile in community builder, so they can login.
When I register in the live preview, I get the thank you page at the end, but no profile has been created, neither can I log in

Has anybody had this problem before?
Maybe somebody can tell me what I am missing or forgat or doing wrong?

Thank you so much in advance.


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Breezingforms and Community Builder 9 Jahre 4 Monate her #96794

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I think Community Builder needs some additional information upon registration. I myself don't have almost zero experience with Community Builder, so I would need to get information what database tables Community Builder needs in order to connect a joomla account with its profile data. Once I know about it, I can give you some code snippet that you can add to the BF registration form.

Since Lennerd is on vacation and I am doing crosstec myself, could you please support me with necessary information from Community Builder? It would be enough to know what database tables need to be addressed upon registration and I also will need FTP and backend access to your hosting to build this in and test.

To sort this out, you can send me an email => markus.bopp@crosstec.org


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