Joomla: Which script to submit form and show confirmation page? 5 Jahre 1 Woche her #224136

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I use Joomla 3.8.5 and Breezing Forms pro, I can not find the version.
I would simply like to have a confirmation page displayed after submitting.
For this I had selected for the submit button the script "nexpage" what looked good, the confirmation page was displayed, but I noticed after the registration deadline that not a single login had been saved. This is a disaster for the club because we do not know how many seniors will come now.

Back to the script "submit" the entries are saved, but no confirmation page (page2) comes, instead I see the error message:
0 - Class 'FF' not found.

Is there a script that transmits the data and displays a confirmation page?

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Joomla: Which script to submit form and show confirmation page? 5 Jahre 1 Woche her #224181

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you can check the current BF version by going to the Configuration area.

For submitting the form, I would suggest using the default submit button. In form's properties locate the "Include submit button" option and check it.
If necessary, you could use a custom button. But don't use the ff_nextpage script, because it won't save the form. It will only proceed to the next page. You should use the ff_validate_submit script.

For redirecting after submission, please do the following:
Go to form's properties > Advanced Tab > More Options > Submit Pieces > End Submit > Type > Custom and paste the following code in the framework:
For more info, please check out this article .

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