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European General Data Protection Regulation -> Implications for 4 Jahre 5 Monate her #223428

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Hi Crosstec team,

I love Breezingforms and I have used it for quite a while. However, I have not seen anything coming up with relation to the European General Data Protection Regulation which will be valid in every single country of the European Union from May 2018 on.

Basically, every single form will need a checkbox related to the data protection disclaimers. This is easy to implicate by the user, no question.

However, also the subsription form for the newsletters will need such a checkbox. As of now, it is only possible to add some text before or after the subscription unit. It will be needed to have a checkbox below the complete newsletter selection, but above the registration button. How can this be implicated.

The easiest would be, if you add a standard option to include disclaimers with checkbox at this position which can be switched on/of when configuring the newsletter subscription link through the menu.

You can find information on the EU GDPR here: gdpr-info.eu/
In Germany there will be massive fines with respect to the new regulations ... The same will be true for every other country in the European union. Basically every single BreezingForms user within the European Unio should keep that in mind.


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European General Data Protection Regulation -> Implications for 4 Jahre 5 Monate her #223434

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Hey Michael,

everything that you need to comply to the new rules is already there.

You can read more about it at:
- crosstec.org/en/forums/3-breezingforms-f...rules-for-datas.html
- crosstec.org/en/forums/1-forums/123150-n...gulation.html#221371

But, to break it down a bit. Users have to consent to you storing their data. That can be done with a checkbox with a validation on it. If it isn't checked, it can't be filled.
If you don't need any personal data, you can turn off logging to database by setting that option in form options.
The users have to be able to delete their own entries. That can be done with a Content Builder view set to display own only.

On your example of a newsletter subscription form, you don't need to store any information in the database, since it's being forwarded to the mailing list service (Mailchimp or something else), so it already complies to the new rules. The subscription has an unsubscribe button, so it's all cool there.

I will pass this request to the developers, but everything that you need to stay up to date with it is already there.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards,
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