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different data in a select list populate from DB 7 Monate 2 Wochen her #242162

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If I look at my case, yes I want to learn more about coding (and with the right language at the right place) to become more autonomous, be able to understand (at least a part) of the many examples you have in the forum, but for sure not to become a professional coder in a short term (even if I learnt other languages/coding systems, but more related to automation, the involved languages here are quite different). An I know that if I need very advanced code, then effectively I would need some support or even some customised developments (and hopefully your time would also be better optimised than answering basic questions I may have :-)).
Then in terms of learning, the difficulty is I want to know, but I cannot dedicate long periods of time, and it should not be too much brain-taking as I also have to put energy already on my usual business.
So, the learning should be:
- to set the basis (already to understand which language is to be used when/where);
- then the basis of each language (for that you may also refer to existing posts/free training modules, and identifying the bits and pieces in those trainings that we should follow);
- and then to illustrate examples / to take examples in your forum which could then be presented in a stepped analysis.
A more advanced level would be then to explain or give hints why to choose a certain way to solve a problem rather than another way (optimisation/blocking points).
And finally, in addition to the support to provide consultancy to build a complex project, with then the possibility for the customer to continue his/her own with some additional support if needed, or to ask for a customised form/app). The difficult point is to know (for both, the customer and your team) when is should be considered as support and when it is specific development.
I don't know if this help, we can discuss further.


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different data in a select list populate from DB 7 Monate 2 Wochen her #242187

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Thank you for your ideas!

I think I will check out how to make e-learning as simple as possible and I like the idea to have something like "programming for decision makers".

Consultancy is also a big topic but there the biggest question to me is how to package this into one product that everyone understands.

Let's say somebody has a technical requirement to achieve, but that requirement is so "nuts" that you need people with a lot of experience who will be able to show (not necessarily implement) how the goal can be achieved.

Packaging this will be a challenge I think.


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