Custom colors

The CleanLogic template features an innovative solution to customize the whole template to match your desired (corporate-)colors. You need only two clicks and you're ready to go: just select two colors and our system automatically calculates shades of these colors to make everything look nice. The color of the text is also selected automatically depending on the brightness of the selected base color. This ensures your text has always a good contrast and good readability.


One template - endless possibilites

While most of the other templates on the market just give you some preset color variations to choose from, CleanLogic gives you complete freedom. From a dirty "outdoor" look to a clean and calm "beauty" look and beyond - the possibilities are endless. Here are some examples how flexible the CleanLogic template is:


This is how it works

You can customize the color scheme using the CleanLogic template settings in the Joomla!® backend.

1. Select a base color

The base color is the dominant color in the template. It is used for the site's background, the menu and content boxes.
Use our colorpicker to select your desired color or enter your color value directly.

2. Select a highlight color

The highlight color will be used to color headlines, buttons, links, icons and active menu items.

3. Select a background style

Pick one of the currently 5 background styles.

Like this template? Buy the full version

Custom colors and the complete set of typography styles are only available in the full version of the CleanLogic template.
You can buy the full version from here:

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